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Exhibitions 2016

January 2016

Tribute to Mary Maughelli, 

Works by the artist in a post-humous tribute to her career.

February 2016

New Works, 

Works by Thomas Spears and Andrew Watrous.

March 2016

What Are You Looking At?, 

Paintings by the by Bill Bruce.

April 2016

Nature & Memory, 

Works by Marilyn Prescott. 

May 2016

Beauty in Distress, 

Works by Eliana Soto. 















June 2016

Heather Anderson, 

Works by the artist. 

July 2016

Found Object, 

Works by various gallery artists using discarded materials. 

August 2016


Works by various gallery artists working in collaboration with other artists. 

September 2016

New Work, 

Sculptural works by Garrett Masterson. 


October 2016

Organic & Contrived:

Exploring the Concept of "Order", 

Works by Stephanie Pearl in which she considers human order versus natural order.

November 2016

New (& Returning) Members, 

 Artwork by Jim Campbell, Robert Davidson, Michael McDowell, and Michael McDonald.

December 2016

Members Group Show, 

Works by various gallery artists in a wide variety of media.

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