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Exhibitions 2017

January 2017

Group Show, 

The exhibition from the previous month

continues with works by various gallery artists.

February 2017

Old Gems, 

A group exhibition featuring

favorite art works from

the past by various gallery artists.

March 2017



Works in various media by

Hazel Antaramian Hofman.

April 2017

Poetic Form, 

This series of work is an intuitively

created body of work. The figure, the wall, are instruments employed to describe a journey.

A long trip of questions, barriers, and solutions. The task  to emerge through our barriers or balk at the task.  Interaction of the forms, repel and attract, creating a visual tension.

The use of color aid in elevating the visual

play of poetic forms in space.​

Sculptural works by Manuel Vasaure.

May 2017

These Elegies, 

Recent paintings by Michael McDowell

that involve the meditation on loss.

June 2017

Ab Ex Revisited, 

"The paintings in this show are all new pieces completed in the last six months.  These paintings are work done in  an “Abstract Expressionist” style.  This style  of painting was my inspiration, and gave me a start in my own painting back in the early 60’s.  Freedom of expression, freedom of color, and you didn’t have to “stay within the lines”.

Over the years I sometimes strayed, and ventured into pop art, op art art, and even a minimalist approach to painting.  You might say I am making amends in this exhibit.

“AbEx” is my foundation and is the framework of my art."   -Bill Bruce

July 2017

The Richard Silva Show, 

Abstract paintings with texture,

heart and soulful color.

August 2017

Guest Invitational, 

An exhibition of works by artists invited by gallery members. 

September 2017

New Works by Jim Entz, 

Works by the artist. 

October 2017

Works by Robert Ogata, 

Paintings by the artist. 

November 2017

Marvin Armstrong, 

Sculptural works by the artist. 

December 2017

Group Show, 

Works in various media by gallery artists. 

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