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Kati Thomson

Artist’s Statement


My work is inspired by the resiliency of life – we are bursting with it – even as we struggle.  The world turns, children grow and play, each day brings change.  To cope we look for order in the chaos, we turn our eyes to beauty, we form resonant connections with each other.  In art I find the same is true regardless of the subject matter so I reach for a gut punch of resonance in color, expression and gesture hoping to make something you’d want to look at for a long, long time.

I often juxtapose classically rendered figures against colorful, often abstracted, environments.  The figure emerges from or recedes into the background as if coalescing into form. In that vein, as a starting point I experiment widely with layers of vivid color and texture – mixing media, brush techniques, non-traditional tools to apply materials.  As a form emerges the painting’s story reveals itself to me.  Landscape and abstract works then often evolve into complex figurative paintings and the other way around. 

My paintings are born from a love of storytelling and so I see the figures and elements in them as essentially characters in some mysterious narrative. These past few years there’s been so much conflict and the lack of consensus has pervaded even the most intimate of relationships.  We’ve had so much to process.  My work has been an exploration of that human inner journey and the realization that each person is a mysterious cosmos into herself.  

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