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Linda Zupcic

Artist’s Statement


My graphic design background propels me toward printmaking; translating my drawings into simple, bold images is a process I find challenging and satisfying, one that forces me to pare down the detail and color to the essentials. I still enjoy the spontaneity of painting and continue to work in acrylics, and I like putting a collage together once in awhile because the process is so opposite of printmaking, where every stage of development is carefully thought out and planned.

I live in the foothills and my backyard is a 5000 acre nature preserve. My house is right below a butte. You can hike to the top and sit on the edge with your legs dangling over and the hawks are at eye level. Herons, owls, golden eagles and valley quail have visited here. How many people can look out their kitchen window and see an eagle perched on their deck, 20 feet away? I have spent hours in the hills and mountains–it is where I prefer to be–so of course nature finds its way into my work.

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