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Tom Kusel

Artist’s Statement

Show Don't Tell

This exhibition is an illustration of concepts drawn from philosophy, psychology, and literary theory.

If a theme is present, it is the intimate relationship between Language and Being.

I understand Being to be possibility.

Realizing and evoking Being, as space-for-possibility is, in my view, the primordial mission of art.

There is no information to be found in this work.

Instead, the intention here is to invite the viewers to engage in a dialogue with the work and with each other such that something worthwhile, albeit undefinable, might present itself:

From Martin Heidegger’s : On The Way To Language :

(Recounting a conversation between himself and a Japanese philosopher)  

Philosopher:  “We Japanese do not think it strange if a dialogue leaves undefined what is really intended, and even restores it back to the keeping of the undefinable.”

Heidegger:   “That is part, I believe, of every dialogue that has turned out well between thinking human beings.  As if of its own accord, it can take care that this “undefinable something” does not slip away, but displays its gathering force ever more luminously in the course of the dialogue.”          

I invite you to allow this undefinable something to “gather ever more luminously” in the course of your own dialogue with the work.  Instead of merely looking at it, I ask that you experience yourself experiencing it.

Luminosity is not something to know, but something to BE.

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